Meet Anna and Harris: Self-Taught Cryptozoologists Exploring the Unknown in Texas


As a lifelong fan of cryptozoology and a believer in the possibility of unknown creatures roaming the world, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Anna and Harris, a self-taught team of cryptozoologists based in Texas.

Known for their passion and dedication to investigating reports of strange and elusive creatures, including bigfoot, chupacabra, and Mothman, Anna and Harris have gained a loyal following and inspired many to pursue their own cryptozoological quests.

In this interview, I spoke with Anna and Harris about their field research, their investigative techniques, and their hopes and dreams for the future of cryptozoology.

Deep in the heart of Texas, a brother and sister team is on a mission. Anna and Harris have dedicated their lives to investigating reports of strange and elusive creatures, from bigfoot to chupacabra, from the Mothman to the Jersey Devil. They are self-taught cryptozoologists, armed with a passion for the unknown and a thirst for adventure.

Piney woods

“We grew up in a small town near the Piney Woods,” Anna says, as she packs her backpack with supplies. “Our dad used to tell us stories about the Sasquatch and other monsters that roamed the woods. At first, we thought he was just trying to scare us. But then, we started to hear stories from other people too. And we got curious.”

Harris nods, checking his camera and binoculars. “We started to read books and articles about cryptozoology, but we soon realized that most of the information out there is either fake or unreliable. So we decided to go out there ourselves and see what we could find.”

Their first expedition was to a remote area of the Big Thicket, where a man claimed to have seen a large, hairy creature with glowing eyes. “We drove for hours on dirt roads and hiked for miles through dense vegetation,” Anna recalls. “We set up camp and waited for nightfall. And then, we heard it.”

“It was a sound like nothing we had ever heard before,” Harris adds. “It was a low growl, but it had a resonance to it like it was coming from deep within the earth. We knew we were in the right place.”

Over the years, Anna and Harris have honed their skills and techniques, developing a systematic approach to their investigations. They start by obtaining reports from locals, either through word of mouth or online forums. They then conduct a preliminary interview with the witness, gathering as much information as possible about the sighting, including the date, time, location, and description of the creature.

“We try to be as objective as possible,” Anna explains. “We don’t want to lead the witness or bias their testimony. We ask open-ended questions and listen carefully to their answers. We also try to assess their credibility, to make sure they are not hoaxers or pranksters.”


Once they have gathered enough information, Anna and Harris plan their expedition, taking into account the terrain, the weather, and the wildlife. They bring with them a range of equipment, including cameras, audio recorders, night vision goggles, and even drones.

“We also try to minimize our impact on the environment,” Harris says. “We don’t want to disturb the creatures we are trying to observe. We always respect nature and leave no trace.”

During their expeditions, Anna and Harris rely on their instincts and experience to navigate the wilderness and find evidence of the elusive creatures. They look for tracks, scat, hair, nests, and other signs of activity. They also listen for vocalizations and use bait to lure the creatures out of hiding.

“We always keep an open mind,” Anna says. “We know that most sightings turn out to be misidentifications or hoaxes. But we also know that there are still mysteries out there waiting to be uncovered. And we want to be the ones to find them.”

So far, Anna and Harris have not captured definitive proof of any cryptozoological creature. But they remain undeterred and optimistic, always planning their next expedition, always seeking the truth.

“We don’t do this for fame or money,” Harris says. “We do this because we love it. We love the thrill of the hunt, the adrenaline rush of the unknown, and the possibility of discovering something new. And who knows? Maybe one day we will find that elusive creature that has eluded researchers for decades.”

Their passion and dedication have gained them a small but loyal following online, where they share their findings and insights with fellow cryptozoology enthusiasts. Some skeptics dismiss them as amateur thrill-seekers, but Anna and Harris shrug off the criticism.

“We know what we have seen and heard,” Anna says. “We have witnessed things that defy explanation. And we will continue to pursue our quest, no matter what.”

Rio Grande river flows through Santa Elena Canyon at Big Bend National Park

As the sun sets over the Texas wilderness, Anna and Harris set out on their latest expedition, following a report of a giant winged creature seen near the Rio Grande. They hike through rugged canyons and dense brush, scanning the sky with binoculars and listening for any sound out of the ordinary.

And then, they hear it again. A sound that sends shivers down their spines. A sound that could only come from one creature.

Anna nods, her heart racing.

“Let’s go get him.”

As my interview with Anna and Harris comes to a close, I can’t help but feel inspired by their passion and dedication to the pursuit of unknown creatures. Their willingness to explore the wilderness and investigate reports, even in the face of skepticism and criticism, is truly admirable.

And while they may not have found concrete evidence of a new species yet, their discoveries and insights have undoubtedly contributed to the field of cryptozoology and inspired others to continue the search.

As we say goodbye, I thank Anna and Harris for their time and wish them luck on their next expedition. Who knows what they may find out there in the wilds of Texas? But one thing is certain – their unwavering spirit of adventure and discovery will continue to inspire others to explore the mysteries of our world.

Chris Beckett

Chris Becket is an author and amateur "cryptozoologist" who is obsessed with finding the truth about Bigfoot and other mysterious creatures. He's spent countless hours (and probably a few too many dollars) studying and investigating reports of strange animals and phenomena, and he's convinced he's an expert on everything from Bigfoot to the Yeti.

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