Meet the Team

Chris Beckett

Chris is a passionate and dedicated “researcher” (although some might call him a bit of a nutcase) who is determined to uncover the secrets of these enigmatic beings, and to share his findings with anyone who will listen.

Fringe Creatures is the perfect platform for him to share his insights and discoveries with a wide audience of readers who are equally obsessed with the mysterious and often misunderstood world of fringe creatures.

So, if you’re a fellow cryptozoology enthusiast (or just someone who enjoys a good laugh), make sure to check out Chris’s musings on Fringe Creatures.

When he’s not busy hunting down Bigfoot and other mysterious creatures, Chris is an avid outdoors enthusiast who loves nothing more than spending time in nature.

He’s always up for exploring new places and discovering the wonders of the great outdoors.

In fact, he’s such a nature lover that he’s even made it his mission to protect and conserve the environment.

Yeah, he’s kind of a tree-hugging hippie like that.

But hey, at least he’s passionate about it and wants to share his love of nature with others.

So, if you’re into hiking, camping, and generally enjoying the great outdoors, Chris is your guy.

Just don’t expect him to stop talking about Bigfoot for even a minute.